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About Us

Thrift Investment Corporation has been financing new and used automobiles for the non-standard credit market in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1963. Our substantial approval volume is generated among a broad-based community of hundreds of auto retailers area-wide. In an otherwise volatile industry, Thrift Investment is rooted in stability and is intensely focused on expanding our market share.

The most significant way that we separate ourselves from other finance companies is that WE DON’T USE CREDIT SCORES in our credit approval process. Our decades of experience have taught us that non-standard lending requires case-by-case service that can’t be determined by a credit score number.

Upon approval, Thrift Investment emphasizes customer service. We help our customers improve their credit profiles by utilizing our time-tested system to identify problems, intervene early to avoid delinquency and ensure that the loan is seen through to completion. By retaining and collecting our receivables, we have a vested interest in our dealers and customers.

Our fifty years of experience as a major force in consumer lending makes Thrift Investment the logical first choice for non-standard credit lending.

This website is intended solely for independent and franchised automobile dealers and consumers to become familiar with Thrift Investment Corporation and its business policies. Thrift Investment Corporation provides indirect financing through auto retailers and DOES NOT OFFER direct financing to individual consumers. This website is not intended for individual consumers to obtain credit and does not constitute a solicitation, representation, approval or offer to extend credit to any individual consumer.

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